Surf star Courtney Hancock desperate to become hip-hopping mad

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IRONWOMAN Courtney Hancock has turned to rap to help her with an anger problem pre race.

The defending Nutri-Grain ironwoman series champion admits she finds it almost impossible to get angry at her rivals – most of them good friends and training partners – before races with rap music now helping fire her up before big events

Jay-Z is her rapper of choice to get the adrenalin going pre-race with the ironwoman putting together a special pre-race mix of music to put her in the right mood.

“It really gets me pumped up and moving,” Hancock said.

“I really can’t get angry before a race but I kind of need to fire up so the music really helps.

“It also helps me combat all the little butterflies in my belly.”

Hancock goes into this weekend’s three rounds of racing at Newcastle Beach unbeaten after a sensational opening two rounds in Western Australia a fortnight ago.

But in three past visits to the beach with the ironwoman series she has been unable to claim a victory.

“I need to change that in a hurry,” she said.

“It’s going to be a really, really tough weekend. probably the toughest we have ever seen in the ironwoman racing.”

The women will, for the first time, race two rounds today with another on Sunday with the men racing once today and twice tomorrow.

“There’s not going to be a lot of room for error out there and no place to hide,” Hancock said.

“Any mistake is going to be punished.”

Hancock heads into the weekend racing leading training partners Kristyl Smith and Maddy Dunn.

While Hancock dominated in the opening two rounds of the ironwomen the men’s honours were shared between Shannon Eckstein and Kendrick Louis.

Louis is chasing his first ever series win in ironman while Eckstein already has a record seven titles to his name.

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