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Here is a snippet from the March eNewsletter.

Wow, this really did come out of the blue and it was a huge shock when I was invited to be a part of the Channel 10  “I’m a celebrity get me out of here” production.

There were certainly some big names in the camp and some of the celebs also had equally big egos. It was the sort of experience that you could not prepare yourself for. Very little food, lack of sleep and some unusual experiences were all meant to test the camp “mates”, physically and mentally.

For me, I was a bit disappointed to leave the camp after only a week, but I knew to stay any longer would have meant that I would have been battling uphill to be in top condition for the State and Australian Championships. As it was I lost 5.5 kilos of weight (muscle mass)and I was starting to lose touch with what is “normal”, and that is only after one week.

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