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Let’s make 2016/2017 season the best yet

Welcome to the “off season”, when it is time to reflect on the season just gone, then set some goals and plan how you are going to make 2016/17 the very best season ever.
2016 Aussies 2
The Season Just Gone
By the standards I set for myself I do not consider I had a good year. A couple of niggles did not help, but it was definitely a season where I learnt a few more valuable things about prioritising my training, competition and activities away from the beach. However, every season has a high point, and for me it was at Aussies when I won the Board Rescue with my team mate, Hanna Scully, who is still competing in the Under 17’s. The Board Rescue is such a great race because it takes a 100% commitment from both the swimmer and the board paddler in their individual legs, and then you have to work perfectly together as a team on the board in the final race back to the beach. Hanna did a fantastic job and is a huge talent in her own right, and I was so proud to be with her on the podium.

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