A Recipe for Success

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It is very hard to write down a set of general rules that will guarantee your success, as the bottom line is you get back what you put in, and in that regard everyone if very different.

However, you might find some interest in the following guidelines which have helped me focus on what is important.

“If you do what others are doing today, you will be competitive, but if you do what others are doing tomorrow, then you will be a winner”

  1. Take your dream and decide how you can make it a reality
  2. Understand the sacrifices and commitment you will need to reach a competitive standard
  3. Work harder than anyone else
  4. Make the personal sacrifices (early nights, right diet etc) necessary to ensure you are always at your peak for training and competition
  5. Be yourself and don’t be influenced by the negative behaviour and attitudes of others
  6. Be a role model for others through your behaviour and how you deal with losing as much as you embrace success
  7. When training becomes a chore go back over what your goal is, refocus and remind yourself what a great sport you are in
  8. Always be open minded to new ideas and how to improve the way you do things
  9. Learn from mistakes and bad races as much as you can always learn from success
  10. Surround yourself by like minded athletes and a good coach and/or mentor who has a genuine interest in helping you achieve your goals
  11. Remember an out of control ego and disrespecting other athletes and the officials is not what champions are made of

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