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A Recipe for Success

0 Submitted by on Mon, 27 July 2015, 15:37
It is very hard to write down a set of general rules that will guarantee your success, as the bottom line is you get back what you put in, and in that regard everyone if very different. However, you might find some interest in the following guidelines which have helped me focus on what is......
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Stay True to Yourself

0 Submitted by on Mon, 27 July 2015, 15:35
To do well in your sport sometimes takes a lot of courage when you have to do something that might not be what your friends would like you to do. When I was at High School I was bullied because I chose to miss some social activities, including parties and even “schoolies”, because I had......
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Sunday Telegraph

0 Submitted by on Tue, 21 July 2015, 21:51
Hancock has been chosen to help launch a new ad campaign called the “Be You” initiative for popular active wear label, The Upside. The campaign is designed to give women confidence and help them “be at home in their own skin”. Read the full story here Ironwoman champion Courtney Hancock. Photo: Sarah Pendergast...
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Trec for Rec

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Courtney supports Trec for Rec, an annual fundraising walk-a-thon organised by Gold Coast Recreation & Sport Inc (GCRS). A community based organisation that provides recreation & sport programs for people with an intellectual and/or physical disability. “What an honour it is to have someone like yourself support our organisation. To have you preform the official......
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